Little Gems packs BIG fun in its jewels made for glam, imagination and of course - play! We’ve taken out all the sparkly goodies from the “do not touch” drawer, and reimagined them into carefree, wearable accessories meant for a child to enjoy.

Designed as glitzy add-ons to mix and match, Little Gems offers a wide range of pieces from vibrant headbands, funky sunnies, and fun jewelry. All items are thoughtfully intended for each child to style in their own, unique way. Why? Because we strongly encourage More Love and embrace the beauty of individuality by inviting all the littles to choose and wear as they please.

Inspired by a generational love for adornment, creativity and the confidence to explore, Little Gems is created by fellow little herself, Olivia Spann, and her encouraging style-maven mama Grace Spann. A recent Emmy award winner for her styling work, Grace’s passion for accessories has been passed down to Olivia, and together, they can’t wait to share these beautiful Little Gems with each and every one of you.